2017 Performers (subject to change)
  Frank Love Orchestra
The Frank Love Orchestra is an Art of Sound tradition playing hits from the big band era featuring classics from composers such as Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. This performance includes heavy hors d'oeuvres and an open dance floor. Food and dancing! 
  Anna Leigh Band

Anna Leigh Band is a group of talented musicians with deep southern roots and a belief in simple and honest music. Keep on the lookout for shows at a venue near you!
Anna Leigh-Lead vocals/song writer
Michael Morris-Guitar/vocals
Michael Wilson-Bass/vocals
Kevin Huffman-Drums



Chris Ferree & Medicine Crow

Medicine Crow will be playing what Chris calls "Native Americana Jam”, a combination of strong traditional Native American flute, drums and percussion, fused with contemporary instruments and various ethnic sounds. The group consists of Pedro on acoustic guitar, Luke McCollum on drums, Brady Norman on electric guitar and Chris on the Native American flute and vocals.



This five-piece Americana band consisting of Kevin Dale Bridges, Dan Parker, Chris Greene, Sandy Carlton and Megan Philbeck, collectively draws upon their diverse musical influences past and present to create songs that, much like the local wine, beer, and food movements, have a "craft music" quality. They approach the work of making music like clocking in at the Americana Music Factory, producing something that feels like it belongs here and will grow here, rooted in the deep musical history that is North Carolina.

  Derek McCoy Jazz Trio

Derek McCoy (guitar), Jon Guarriello (bass) and Nikao Wallace (drums) have decades of experience on their respective instruments. They bring their collective experience with a wide variety of music such as R&B, Funk, Blues and Rock to the table as they use classic Jazz and Fusion compositions as vehicles for exciting group improvisation. Jon studied at the Berkley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts and Derek studied at The Atlanta Institute of Music in Georgia. Nikao has studied with drum great Jeff Sipe and played with such artists as Kyle Matthews and Calvin Edwards. Nikao and Derek also teach privately at Shelby's own Shelby Music Center.

  Dirty Grass Soul  

Proudly hailing from the musically rich foothills of Cleveland County (Shelby, NC), Dirty Grass Soul has been entertaining audiences across the Carolinas and beyond since their formation in 2011. With a sound that draws much influence from traditional music of the North Carolina foothills, Dirty Grass Soul manages to bring a new, refreshed, and re-energized sound to their music that falls somewhere between country, bluegrass, and southern rock & roll reminiscent of acts like The Charlie Daniels Band and The Marshall Tucker Band. Rather than simply relying on heavy guitar leads, Dirty Grass Soul offers instrumentation that mixes in a heavy dose of fiddle, pedal steel guitar, and banjo in addition to the guitar. DGS is led by founding members Kevin Dedmon (Fiddle, Vocals, Guitar) and Lance Watson (Bass, Mandolin). They are joined by Tyler Melton (Vocals, Lead Guitar),Dedmon's brother Kris Dedmon (Banjo), Glenn Miller (Pedal Steel Guitar), and Jared Miller (Vocals & Percussion).  After touring the Carolina's behind a self-released demo album "Movin' On", as well as shows with the likes of many of the southeast's premier bands under their belt, Dirty Grass Soul has earned a reputation as one of the southeast's emerging Southern Rock/Alt. Country bands.  Their much anticipated 2016 release of The Long Way, recorded in its entirety at the legendary Plum Hollow Farm, is set to be their best yet! Whether it is the hint of bluegrass, outlaw country, or rock & roll you hear in each song, their sound is uniquely Dirty Grass Soul. From Dedmon's down home/working class lyrics to the blazing instrumental breaks, Dirty Grass Soul is sure to offer a little something for everyone. Be sure to visit www.DGSoul.com & follow or “like” Dirty Grass Soul on Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation for updates about the happenings of the band.

  Gypsy Swing:30

The spirit of jazz lives on in Cleveland County. Nurtured from the roots of Ray Ledford's swing arrangements, Gypsy Swing:30 has leaned toward a particular style known as "Hot Club Jazz"; reminiscent of an early 20th century Parisian musician, Django Reinhardt. In Europe, during the Swing Era, instruments were scarce and musicians had to pare down on ensemble size, thus creating this guitar driven ensemble. Local guitarists, Tommy Forney and Justin Harper, have been sharing their love for this particular version of jazz music for a couple years. The added excitement of a rhythm section, Joe Hindsley on drums and David Melton on bass, bring a fresh dynamic. Also, melodica player and Native American flautist, Rodger Perry will join the ensemble to enhance the mood with his signature style, bringing the sound from deep within the Appalachian woods. Together, this group offers danceable, familiar tunes from the American Songbook and jazz songs that have resounded worldwide. Any music enthusiast should be pleased to hear Gypsy Swing:30 perpetuating the culture of Swing music over 75 years after its peak.


Lucky Punch

Lucky Punch incorporates a mixture of rock and hard hitting rhythms full of high energy. This group of local musicians, James Gould, Allen Keever, Casey Hyder and powerhouse vocalist Cody Jones will wake you up and get you on your feet.

  Scott Moss  

Scott's music tells the story of growing up in Shelby, our all-American town with a striking, and sometimes gritty honesty. Throughout the 2000's, Scott played with western North Carolina favorites Moonshine Jenny and Evergreen before joining Big Daddy Love in 2012. With BDL, Scott traveled most of the country with their blend of bluegrass, blues, and southern rock. From acoustic coffee houses to opening for Bob Seger in front of 10,000 people, Scott's dynamic stage presence and easy going nature create an engaging and genuine experience for the crowd. These days, with a new lease on songwriting and guitar playing, Scott is ready to show the music community what he has to offer as a solo artist.

  No Bailar Flamenco!

Directly translated, “I don’t dance Flamenco!” features Native American style end blown flute player, Rodger Perry, and nylon string guitarist, Justin Harper. Together, they create exciting sounds reminiscent of Spain’s Andalusia region combined with the soothing texture of American Indian inspired flute and haunting melodies on the melodica (a free-reed keyboard instrument that is blown). This instrumental group performs virtuosic music that will rouse emotions of the deepest caliber. Although entrancing, audience members are encouraged to join in the experience by dancing, singing, or clapping along (a flamenco tradition known as “Palmas”).



  Pistol Hill

In just a few years Pistol has written well over 500 songs, won two songwriting awards, and has had the pleasure to open up for the likes of Edwin McCain, Travis Tritt, David Cook, Richard Marx, James Otto and many, many more. On his own bills Pistol is playing close to 200 shows a year across the North and South Carolina region. Pistol Hill is an independent country artist who grew up in Shelby. Growing up in an area known for its bluegrass and Appalachian rock, Pistol saw many musicians around him fall in love with the nature of the local genre. Despite the trends in the area, Pistol’s heart and ear pulled him elsewhere. Pistol was immediately drawn to create new things. After two years of writing and playing Pistol began performing his originals at local venues. Pistol Hill is evolving into a solid independent country music artist. Join Pistol Hill and the Creative Pistol Team in taking this music to the next level.
listen here


"The Musical Marsupial Playing Acoustical." Possum is a songwriter/singer from Cherryville, NC. He has been playing music since 1999 and took to his first gig in 2011. Playing venues worldwide from Charlotte to Jamaica. He has written multiple songs. His top 3 songs he has written are "Small little Town," "Walked Away," and "The Sister Song." He is an eclectic performer playing a wide range of solo covers of your favorite hits from county, classic rock, alternative, pop and indie. Occasionally you may catch his sister join him on stage and they become a duet known as Possum and the Sparrow. He has been famously known to incorporate a segment in his shows he calls "Kamikaze Requests" where he will try any request whether he knows it or not. Kamikaze Requests is a crowd favorite. His passion for music started when he was 7 years old listening to Willie Nelson, Cash, Hank, Merle, and Waylon with his grandma. His eclectic style and influences came from every member of his family listening to different genres. A very humble artist that loves nothing more than when the crowd participates and joins in him in singing. He regularly plays at Dragonfly Wine Market in Shelby, NC where he got his start on the stage.

  Searra Jade Trio

Searra Jade is a songwriter, performer and songleader based in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Her "singer-songwriter"-defying music spans many genres and is perhaps best put into a nutshell sounding like "jazzy-philosopholk." Her song content is equally diverse as her musicality, as she writes about everything from fermentation to composting to healing ancestral grief to contemplating infinity, and seeing Searra perform live is a dynamically interactive and story-filled experience. Beyond performing and writing, as Searra is also a private music lesson instructor and facilitates workshops on vocal improvisation and group singing, with the goals of facilitating harmony and tapping into the playful and spontaneous music-maker spirits inside of all of us! facebook

  Shady Oak Ramblers

We love to play Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel Music and give all the Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Jeremy Bridges: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Gary Whitaker: Banjo & Vocals
Chris Koone: Mandolin & Vocals
Robert Wells: Upright Bass

  Lily Tallent

Always a dreamer, forever clinging to and climbing the next mountain, she heeded the call. Lily taught herself how to play the guitar, started seriously writing songs, and playing shows anywhere they would take her, all the while graduating from ASU with a double major. A few short years after college, she would be regionally recognized as the winner of the 2013 Women in Country; Charlotte Music Award and the 2013 Singer/Songwriter; Charlotte Music Award. She has opened for several nationally recognized recording artists including Country Music Hall of Famers, Rock and Roll heroes, and Grand Ole Opry Members. Whatever comes out of my mouth is always going to sound country no matter what I sing. I'm not sure what genre you would put me in and that's ok. But I do know that the music comes from an honest and authentic place within me. With a dash of Appalachian hippie, a splash of West Lincoln Rebel rounded out by an independent cowgirl free spirit, one can tell where her priorities lie.

  The Abby Elmore Band

The Abbey Elmore Band, fronted by Abbey Elmore, is a cross between modern day pop and old rock and roll, giving the band a very unique alternative sound. Other members of the band include Tyler Tullis, Nick Wells, and Donnie Elmore.
listen here

  The Dancing Fleas

The Dancing Fleas are a 4-8 piece performing group from Shelby, North Carolina. They bring to the stage a heap of energy, singalong choruses, the occasional blistering kazoo solo, and their own brand of zany fun - played on ukuleles! Expect a variety of tunes, from jazz standards to pop hits, classic country to underground gems. Joe Kendrick, DJ and Program Director for WNCW, has called The Dancing Fleas "the cure for lethargy." Members planning to play art of sound: Jason Lineberger, Galaxy Lineberger, Perry Anthony, Beth Lowe, Laura Wheeler, and Jeff Hamilton.


Bluegrass. That's what brought this group together but it's not all we do. We all have different influences and it just seems to be a lot more fun when ya just play what ya feel. So as not to confuse you...we just play whatever feels right
This band consists of:
Brad Davis, Bass,guitar and vocals
Jeremy Greene, Mandolin,guitar and vocals
Jamey Harrison, Guitar,bass and vocals
Scott Lail, Dobro, Banjo, Guitar and vocals
Tyler Leonard, Guitar and vocals


Yesterday, comprised of Dee Campbell, Chandler Carrigan and Greg Tillman who have been playing together for several years throughout western North Carolina. Their philosophy, good music never gets old, and never goes out of style explains their musical selections. While they tend to concentrate on the music of the 70s, they also touch on 60s favorites. The 80s aren't ignored either. Actually, truth be told, you might hear anything.

  Saturday on the Court Square

Saturday morning Uptown Shelby comes alive with the sounds of student choirs and bands on the outdoor stage on Washington St. These free performances will showcase some of our talented younger musicians and will have fun family friendly games, food vendors, chalk, face painting and more. All FREE.

  Preschool Musical Experience

This FREE interactive musical event for children from birth to age 5 is part of the Art of Sound Music Festival. Parents and children are invited to join the fun on the Court House lawn. FREE, 1pm.

After that please enjoy Sidewalk chalk, henna art, face painting, games, bubbles, and rock painting! Plus food and drinks! Bring a picnic blanket or chairs and enjoy the free music and fun all day. There will be something for everyone!

  Community Drum Circle
The musical fun continues with the return of the drum circle facilitated by Justin Song Harper and is open to anyone with some kind of hand drum or any kind of percussion instrument. This informal gathering offers equality in talent and knowledge because there is no real beginning or end. The main objective is to share the common rhythm and to get in tune with others and yourself. It is fun, self-fulfilling, rewarding and it is a great reliever of stress! Children and adults are invited to join in the fun on the Court Square. Drum circles have become the heartbeat of many places and organizations. It is a great way to be a part of a group that is all in harmony with each other, even if it is only for a little while, it’s a great thing!

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